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This page includes information which may (or may not) be of general interest. It includes old pieces of news concerning the Society, as well as articles printed in Banter or The Gown, as well as things which just don't belong anywhere else.
  • Sep '99 - Liberal Society At Freshers' Bazaar

  • Canvassing Leaflet (Halls) If you have answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, then it is probable that you are a liberal – and even more probable that you didn’t even know it!

    The Liberal Society is a new group of individuals studying at Queen’s who share liberal values and principles. As well as socialising, we aim to work hard within the Union to promote our beliefs and ensure that they are put into effect as policies adopted by the Union.
    We are not affiliated to any political party and we are not interested in your personal background. We have only one stipulation for prospective members – that you are committed to freedom, individuality, equality, consensual democracy and human rights.
    If you think you fit the bill, or are just interested in learning more about Liberalism, then look out for posters advertising our meetings and social events, or look up our web-site
    Join Us. Get Involved. Make A Difference!

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    Liberal Representatives On Student Council

    The following members of the Liberal Society were successfully elected to Student Representative Council:

      Tina Calder (Arts 1)
      NoelGriffin  (Arts 3)
      BrianLacey (Science 2)
      TimMairs (Open)
      Andrew O'Neill (Medicine 3)
      ChrisPilkington (Postgraduate)
      DiarmaidWard (Economics 2)
      DaraMcGaughey (SCA Officer)

    There are other liberals who have been elected to Council but have as yet not signed up for membership. Hopefully there names will appear in the above list before too long!

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    Liberal Society At Freshers' Bazaar

    The Liberal Society will have its own stall at Freshers' Bazaar from which to entice some new members. This will be our first year at the Bazaar, and it is hoped that there will be a good response from the new, and old, students. More information about how we did will appear soon.

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    Liberal Candidates Defeated In NonSabbatical Elections

    Both Tadhg Morgan and Brian Lacey were defeated during the elections for Student Community Action Officer and Cultural Affairs Officer, respectively. Both candidates, however, managed to pull around 150 votes out of 500, which is a good percentage, and a firm base for future elections. Congratulations, (as begrudged as they may be!) go to Dara McGaughey and Ciara Flanaghan who were successfully elected.

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    Liberal Society Finally Recognised (28/04/99)

    The Liberal Society was finally recognised today after a long(ish) period of wishing and wondering. The Union Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of recognising the society with 39 votes for, 2 against and 18 abstentions. Recognition allows us to use the Queen's webserver, to incorporate the name of "Queen's" in our title and grants us access to Union facilities, such as room bookings, the freshers' bizarre and the two Union minibuses. Grainia Lon>

    Transfer interrupted!

    anch of Amnesty International commented, "The introduction of the Liberal Society into QUBSU shows that some members of student Council are capable of political maturity. Any political viewpoint must be welcomed, and since Liberalism stretches beyond the conflict here, it will hopefully add a fresh approach to student politics here - something which is badly needed."

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    Unionists Postpone Liberal Society Debate (20/02/99)

    The Nationalist, Republican, Liberal and independant Councillors were left bemused at the February Council meeting after the Unionist Councillors used their majority to postpone the debate over the recognition of the Liberal Society. Also up for debate were the Ladies' Soccer Club, the Postgraduate Law Society, the PUP, and Sinn Féin Cumann. The Ladies' Soccer and Postgraduate Law Society were also postponed, whilst the PUP and Sinn Féin Cumann were defeated outright.

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    Liberal Society To Seek Official Recognition (07/02/99)

    The February meeting of the Students' Union's Representative Council shall determine whether or not the Liberal Society is granted the official status of a "Recognised Society". The attainment of this status will devolve some of the Society's control over its finances to the Students' Union, but will allow us to legitimately use the features of the Union Building, and will enable us to incorporate the words "The Queen's University Of Belfast" in the Society's name.

    To become recognised, the Society's Constitution must be scrutinised by the Students' Union Vice President of Clubs And Services (which has already been done), and then supported by a simple majority of the Council. It is hoped that even though many members of the Council have shown hostility to the Society, they will not deny us the same courtesy that they were given when their associations were recognised.

    Whilst on the subject, it has been rumoured that the Progressive Unionist Party will be starting up at Queen's, and also that the Alliance Party is in the process of regrouping.

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    Liberal Society Co-Founders To Stand In Elections (07/02/99)

    Brian Lacey and Tadhg Morgan are to stand as candidates in the Students' Union non-sabbatical elections later this academic year, probably for the positions of Student Community Action Officer and Cultural Affairs Officer. Nothing concrete has yet been decided, but it is hoped that if they are elected they will ensure that the Executive Committee keeps on the radical and progressive track of which it is currently showing signs, and also boost support for the Society when it is seen what it can achieve practically.

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    Political Review Stage 2 Due To Commence In March

    After the farsical findings of the Political Review Group in 1998, the Students' Union President has stated that a new review group will be held commencing February 1999. In a letter concerning the review group, President McGarrity stated: "The reform of the Students' Union Constitution may not be the most exciting topic that we have to deal with, it is however vitally important that we review our structures from time to time to ensure the Union remains representative, open and forward thinking." He went on to say: "... the area of constitutional reform will be widely discussed (and most importantly ACTED UPON)."

    It is hoped that members of the Liberal Society will be able to play an active role in the development of the Union's political structures, and we look forward to hearing about the proposd review during the forthcoming month.

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    Encouragement From Edinburgh Liberals (24/01/99)

    The Liberal Sociey has received support and encouragement from the Edinburgh University Liberal Democrats Association. Mr Kevin Lang, the association's Membership Secretary said, "I understand and appreciate that politics in Northern Ireland and Scotland is very different... Things that work for us at EULD... may be totally unsuitable in Belfast". He went on to wish us the best of luck and sent us copies of example literature and recruitment advice.

    Whilst the Liberal Society is unaffiliated with any political parties, we are thankful for any help which our fellow Liberals can send us. We offer our sincere gratitude to all at EULD and Kevin Lang in particular.

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