The Liberal Society
Of The Queen's University Of Belfast

Ex-President's Welcome!

You know, Liberals are strange creatures! We each do our bit for the community or organisation in which we thrive, but when it comes to working with eachother we seem to lose our edge! We have had independent Liberals working in the Gown newspaper, in Student Community Action, in RAG, on the Student Council and even the Union Executive, but maybe there's something about people fighting for individual liberty that makes us that wee bit too individual.

Well, the layers of dust on the Liberal Society has grown slightly thicker than the year before, but I doubt that it will be long before the next Liberal motivator will come along and wipe the old dog down and rejuvenate her! If that's you, then good luck!

If you're interested in reforming the QUB Liberal Society, then speak to the Vice-President (Clubs And Services) in the Students' Union; I'll be pleased to give whatever assistance I can!

All the best with your degree, and remember - don't let the bastards grind you down! You can make a difference!

Brian Lacey,
Former President

Contact -  or ring 07719176357