The Liberal Society
Of The Queen's University Of Belfast

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(1) Liberal Organisations

Liberal Party (Australia)
* Monash Caulfield Liberal Club (Australia)
* Edith Cowan Liberal Club (Australia)
* Woolongong University Liberal Club (Australia)
* Melbourne University Liberal Club (Australia)
* Sunshine Coast University Liberal Club (Australia)
* University Of Western Sydney Liberal Students' Club (Australia)
Queensland Liberals (Australia)

* VLD Jongeren (VLD Youth, Belgium)
Vlaamse Liberalen En Demokraten (Belgium)
Parti Réformateur Libéral (Belgium)

Liberal Party (Canada)
British Colombian Liberal Party (Canada)
New Brunswich Liberal Party (Canada)
* University Of Calgary Liberal Association (Canada)
* Trent University Liberal Association (Canada)
* University Of Toronto Liberal Association (Canada)
* Young Liberals Of Canada (Canada)
* Young Liberals Of Ontario (Canada)
* Alberta Young Liberals (Canada)
* Quebec Young Liberals (Canada)
* New Brunswich Young Liberals (Canada)
* McGill Young Liberals (Canada)
* McMaster Young Liberals (Canada)
* Queen's University Of Kingston Liberal Club (Canada)
* University Of Ottawa Liberal Club (Canada)
* University Of Victoria Young Liberals Club (Canada)
* University Of Waterloo Liberal Club (Canada)
* University Of Western Ontario Liberal Club (Canada)
* Wilfird Laurier University Liberal Club (Canada)
* Don Valley West Young Liberal Association (Canada)
* York North Young Liberal Association (Canada)

Hrvatska Socikalno Liberalna Stranka (Croatia)

Unión Liberal Cubana (Cuba)

* Venstre Ungdom (Young Liberals, Denmark)
Venstre (Denmark)

Démocratie Libérale (France)

* Liberale Hochschullengruppen (Liberal University Group, Augsburg, Germany)
* Liberale Hochschullengruppen (Liberal University Group, Bamberg, Germany)
* Liberale Hochschullengruppen (Liberal University Group, Hamburg, Germany)
* Liberale Hochschullengruppen (Liberal University Group, Karlsruhe, Germany)

Liberal Party (Gibraltar)

Liberal International
Liberal, Democratic And Reform Party (Europe)

Federazione Dei Liberali Italiani (Italy)
* University Of Brescia Liberal Students' Club (Italy)

Jiyu Minshuto (Japan)

* Liberalna Unija Na Mladi (Liberal Union Of Youth, Macedonia)

Frente Liberal (Mexico)

Partido Liberal Constitucionalista (Nicaragua)

Venstre (Norway)

Liberalna Stranka (Slovenia)

* Liberal Ungdomfórbundet (Liberal Youth Organisation, Sweden)
Folkpartiet Liberalerna (Sweden)

* Jungfreisinnige Schweiz (Young Liberals, Switzerland)

Liberal Demokrat Party (Turkey)

* Liberal'na Molod Ukraini (Liberal Youth, Ukraine)

United Kingdom
Liberal Party (United Kingdom)
Liberal Democrats (Great Britain)
Liberal Democrats (Scotland)
Alliance Party (Northern Ireland)
* Liberal Democrats Youth And Students (UK)
* Scottish Young Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Cambridge University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Edinburgh University Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Keele University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Leicester University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Newcastle University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Oxford University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* York University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* UCL Union Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Cardiff University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Lancaster University Liberal Democrats (UK)
* Cardiff University Student Liberal Democrats (UK)

United States Of America
* Yale University Liberal Association (U.S.A.)
* University Of Virginia Liberty Coalition (U.S.A.)
Libertarian Alliance
New Liberal Society
The Liberal Way
Turn Left

(2) Definitions Of Liberalism
QUB Liberal Society Definition
Liberalism: Frequently Asked Questions
Australian Liberalism
What Do Liberals Stand For?
German Liberalism
Liberalism And The Left
(3) Other Sites Of Interest
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