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Queen's Ladies Gaelic Football Photos from 2002 - 2003
Freshers Weekend - Dublin Nov 2002
Freshers and Supporters @ Santry
Ciara and Finola on the train
Maeve meets Random No.1
Karen and Christina's Random
Karen gets another Random!!
Maeve and Christina
Karen, Patsy, Christina + Tina
Elaine, Patsy and Christina
Hylo, Maria, Maire and Aideen
Nicola, Keowny, Tina and Maria   Aideen and Patsy
Terrible Twins   Orlaith's got her hands full
Hylo gets No.3   Maire and Nicola
Twisted Fire Starter   Sleepy head!
Tyrone Superstar   Who got out the wrong side of bed???
Orlaith trying to stay clean   Maria and Hylo
Maeve gets to know Random No.1   Hylo and Random No.??
Karen, there's that boy u fancy!   Karen (again!) and Tina strut their stuff
Elaine, Karen, Christina, Tina, Carol-Ann, Claire, Maria, Nicola + Hylo   Wiskey Sisters
Aideen in the background giving orders   Patsy, Maeve, Maire and Aideen
On the road home   "Theee Freshers" (Nicola[Capt], Carol-Ann, Claire, Elaine, Tina, Karen, Orlaith)
Hylo git another one   Manager's random
Nicola, Tina + Karen   Karen and Tina
Freshers   Sleeping beauties???
Elaine, Nicola and Karen    

Nights Out

Freshers Weekend - Dublin - 7th, 8th and 9th Nov 2002

Dowd Cup 2003 - Derry

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