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Rules of Ladies Gaelic

The playing rules of Ladies Gaelic Football are very similar to that of mens' Gaelic Football. There are some modifications which are designed mostly to speed up the game and to eliminate unnecessary physical contact.

The game is fifteen-a-side like the mens game and played on the full size pitch. A match lasts sixty minutes, thirty minutes per half, and in the Ladies game five substitutes can be used as opposed to three in the male version.

  • A size 4 football is used in all grades of competition.
  • A player may pick the ball of the ground providing she is in a standing position. (The standing restriction does not apply to the goalkeeper inside the small parallelogram).
  • A player while on the ground may play the ball away from her but cannot bring it into her possession.
  • A player cannot kick the ball as an opponent is about to pick it up or take it into her possession.
  • All deliberate bodily contact is forbidden. When executing the tackle to disposses an opponent, it must be timed as the ball leaves the hands of the player in possession i.e. while the ball is being bounced or in the act of soloing or kicking. It may also be knocked from an opponent's hands by flicking it with the open hand.
  • Deliberate use of the shoulder is forbidden.
  • All fouls (including short kick-outs (less than 13m.) and where a free-taker fouls the ball) are penalised by the awarding of a free to the opposing team.
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