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History of Ulster Colleges Council

The establishment of Ladies Football at Higher Education Level was largely due to the efforts of the University of Ulster Clubs, and came in the aftermath of Monaghan Ladies securing the All-Ireland Junior title and the impressive emergence of Tyrone and Donegal Club football. Founded in 1993 at St. Enda’s GFC in Omagh, a central venue, the Councils first Chairperson was Larry Duggan, the then UUJ manager. Positions have generally been spread around the Colleges and meetings convened when necessary, to co-ordinate the holding of the Ulster Championship and the Northern League.

List of Chairpersons
1993-94 Larry Duggan UUJ Downpatrick, Down
1994-95 Anne Gormley UUC Carrickmore, Tyrone
1995-96 Rosemary McGinn St.Mary's St.McCartans, Tyrone
1996-97 Sheena Tally UUJ Galbally Oonagh Celt, Tyrone
1997-98 Noelle McGread UUJ St.Enda's Omagh, Tyrone
2000-01 Denise Martin QUB Carrickmore, Tyrone
2001-02 Úna McKay St. Mary's Fr.Rock's, Tyrone
2002-03 Lyn Savage UUJ Cooley Kickams, Louth
2003-04 Ryan Feeny St. Mary's  
2004-05 Clare O'Connell QUB  

List of Secretaries
1993-94 Moya Ferguson UUJ St.Eunans, Donegal
1994-95 Mary Goodwin Loughry Fintona, Tyrone
1995-96 Angela Slane UUJ Carrickmore, Tyrone
1996-97 Denise Martin QUB Carrickmore, Tyrone
1997-98 Aine Dolan QUB Aghyaran, Tyrone
2000-01 Arlene McCloskey St.Mary's Bredagh & Tyrone
2001-02 Siobhan McCarney St. Mary's , Tyrone
2002-03 Seana McAleer St.Mary's Carrickmore, Tyrone
2003-04 Selena Oguz UUJ  
2004-05 Rynagh McNally UU Sports President  

List of Tresurers
1993-94 Brenda McElduff UUM Carrickmore, Tyrone
1994-95 Brenda Hurson St. Mary's Galbally Oonagh Celt, Tyrone
1995-96 Ciara Kerr UUC Carrickmore, Tyrone
1996-97 Ciara Kerr UUC Carrickmore, Tyrone
1997-98 Suzanne Tinney UUC St. Eunans, Donegal
2000-01 Geraldine Grimley UUJ Bredagh & Armagh
2001-02 Máire Clarke QUB Ballerin, Derry
2002-03 Máire Clarke QUB Ballerin, Derry
2003-04 Clare O'Connell QUB  
2004-05 Brenda McNally St. Mary's  
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