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Main / Law Library

This could be considered as the most vital place of your study,
bar the classroom of course! The downstairs part of the Law Library is a place where
study and revision can be carried out easily as the area has a calm and tranquil atmosphere.
The upstairs part of the Law Library is similar to that of the bottom, however,
the arrangement of seating provides the perfect opportunity to discuss assignments,
put across views and generally catch up!!

(REMEMBER: you are in a library so, although you can talk, remember there
may be others around you that are trying to study so keep your voice level to a minimum.)

The Law Library is also where you will find all of the required texts, journals and cases
needed in order to complete the vast range of assignments that lie ahead.
Everything from Acquisitions - Zealots!!

Large Study Areas Extensive Range of Texts
Multi Floored How to get to Law Library