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ISSNI represents one of the many societies that Queen’s University Belfast has to offer. Our aim is to promote Islamic awareness on the campus and allow people who are interested in Islam to learn more. Muslim students come from all parts of the world, and as such, you will find a great deal of diversity in our society with a chance to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. Our aim is to find a voice for all these members. ISSNI is responsible for the welfare of all our members and to be a member all you need is, to be a student at Queen’s. Our activities are open to all and not only Queen’s students, however members are eligible for discounts on all events. ISSNI has strong links with the Belfast Islamic Centre and some information is presented in this leaflet for you.

Core Objectives

   To propagate the Islamic culture and way of life

   To enable social interaction among the student members               

   To enhance ones understanding of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH)

   To help new students of Islamic belief and faith understand the diversity in a western society and to help them cope with the culture shock

   To help during events and festivals organised by the Belfast Islamic Centre for the whole community

One of the main activities during the year is the Islamic Awareness Week (IAW), which is an annual event organised by Islamic Students Society of Northern Ireland (ISSNI), aimed at educating and clarifying misconceptions of our Non-Muslim brothers and sisters.         

ISSNI also works in close cooperation with the Belfast Islamic Centre (BIC) in addressing the Message of Islam through a number of programmes and activities. We have also conducted training programmes and workshops in the past for Muslims, including dawah workshops and the like. We regularly have Talks and Lectures throughout the academic year by eminent speakers from UK and other parts of the world. Other activities also include organising trips, barbeques and other recreational activities in accordance with Islamic culture.

As a society we have managed to forge many contacts with in Northern Ireland and UK, including FOSIS (Federation of students Islamic societies), Muslim association of Ireland (MAI), Islamic cultural Centre, Dublin (ICCI), Al-Muntada Al-Islami, London, and many others.

An Executive committee consisting of six individuals, elected by the members, run the activities of the Society. Additional members may be co-opted to help the executive committee. This takes place once every year during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) usually held in the month of October.