4th - 6th August 2006

18 July 2006

Well, MeCon 9 is fast approaching, so it's probably time for another update. :)

Things are moving fairly smoothly at the moment, so doubtless there's a big disaster lurking around the corner waiting to pounce upon us just as soon as we think everything's going well.  :D 

Unfortunately, it's looking increasingly likely that Gary Gibson will not be able to make MeCon 9 due to health problems. We wish him a speedy recovery, and hope to see him at future MeCons.

There is still some accommodation available at the Elms Student Village. These are single rooms, B&B, £30 per night, and should be organised through MeCon. If you would like a room, please drop us a line ASAP on meconbelfast@yahoo.co.uk , but you'll need to be quick!

Daily rates are now available. These will be payable on the door only, and are:

    Friday: £4

    Saturday: £12

    Sunday: £8

Additionally, you will be able to register your mascot at the door for a nominal fee of £1, which will go to charity. :) If you choose to do this, your mascot will get a convention badge absolutely free to prove to all its mascotty-friends that it was here!  Beeblebears may (or may not) also receive a free toothpick from Wonko the Sane's own personal collection.  With spoils like that, how could you resist?

Lastly, we have finalised the panel schedule for the weekend, details are in the Schedule page.  The usual MeCon stalwarts are there, such as the anything-goes Stochastic Panel, the flurry of ad-lib lunacy that is 1001 Ideas in an Hour, the coffee morning relax-a-thon, and Eugene's World of Wierd, but we also have a whole host of other panels which I hope will whet your appetite!  :)



MeCon 9

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