Committee Bios
Shane Kerlin

Shane Kerlin, alias Hopalong, is a 31/2 time loser who stupidly keeps volunteering from Mecon committees (3 ½ because two years ago, an unfortunate car accident (hence the nickname) meant that he didn’t actually do any work – although somehow he still got the credit – lucky sod). Previously he has been involved in the running of five Mecons: 2000 – where he was a helper/gopher; 2001 – where he was the Programs Assistant, 2002 – where he was now in charge of Programs, and finally 2003 –where he volunteered for Sponsorship (which doesn’t suit him at all!). 2004 – Programs, and this year, Chairbeing. So remember if there's something you want to say about Mecon – say it to someone else because I’m scared.

Other useless facts about him are:
  • DON’T get between him and chocolate/ice-cream/basically anything sweet, or anything to do with Buffy & Angel – his two favourite shows (now that Farscape is gone – PeaceKeeper Wars Rocked!)
  • A voracious reader, he would do anything for a good book. Really, just try him!
Many have tried and none succeeded in getting him drunk, so if you see him inebriated, then record the historic moment for posterity.

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Michael Perkins