Paul Holden has spent most of his life in Belfast, and although he might say he is a latecomer to comic artistry, there's no mistaking the quality of his work. For the past decade or more, Paul has drawn for a number of local and small-press comic projects, including the self-published "Simply Incredible Hunk". More well-known early work includes graphic novels such as "The Moon Looked Down And Laughed" (published by Fantagraphics), which you can happily find in the comic shops - and are well worth picking up.

Outside comics, he can be found illustrating for Crucible Design's role-playing games, also based in Belfast, amongst other esoteric work for web design companies. More recently, his work has been seen much more internationally, as a freelance artist for both "2000AD" and Games Workshop's own "Warhammer Monthly" comics. Most notably, he was asked to draw for 2000AD's "Judge Dredd" and "Future Shock" strips (thanks in part to a very attractive interpretation of "Durham Red"). Like most freelance artists, work varies between characters and comics, but you can keep up with Paul's experiences as a full-time comic artist at

Even more recently, Paul has kindly helped the convention by providing graphics, and he designed the layout of this website himself.

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