Michael Carroll was born on the 21st of March 1966 in Dublin. He is married to Leonia (née Mooney), and they have no children but seven cats at last count.

He left school at 16 and worked as a postman for three years, then as a computer programmer (and part-time writer) until 1999. He was instrumental in the founding of Sproutlore, the official Robert Rankin fan club, and remains heavily involved to this day. Since 1999 he has been a full-time writer, which, as he says, "seems to be working quite well. Of course, I'm broke, but at least I make my own hours and don't have to commute any more. Plus, I can - and frequently do - put off getting dressed until I have to venture outside." You have been warned!

Michael's first published book was The Last Starship, the first in a "young adult" trilogy. It was originally published in 1993 by Aran Book Publishers, who unfortunately went bust before publishing the other two books! It has since been published by Cosmos Books, along with its two sequels, Reclaiming the Earth and The Dead Colony. Cosmos have also published another of Michael's "young adult" books, Renegade, and his first adult SF book, The Throwback. Michael also did the cover art for these books (although on The Throwback the art is incorrectly credited to "Michael Collins"!), so he's clearly far too talented for his own good. His other books include Moonlight, a fantasy novel published by O'Brien Press, and She Fades Away, a ghost story published by Poolbeg Press. He has also written several books targeted at the women's romantic fiction market under the pseudonym Jaye Carroll.

Michael's writing has been described as "electrifying", "magnetic" and "vivid". Unfortunately, you'll be very lucky to find any of his books on sale in your local bookshop, but they can all be ordered online (from Amazon, amongst others).

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