John Meaney was born in 1957 in St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London -- the same hospital where Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. After this suitably scientific start, he eventually earned a degree in physics & computer science, and still works part-time as an IT consultant. He has a brother, Colm Meaney -- but no, not that Colm Meaney, despite SFX Magazine getting confused on that point!

He is a martial arts enthusiast; he has a black belt in shotokan karate, which he started learning in 1972, and has studied other arts as well. He says "my punch bag is possibly my best friend, which is disturbing when you think about it".

John's first short story, Spring Rain, was published in 1992. His novelette Sharp Tang was shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Association Award in 1995. His first two novels, To Hold Infinity and Paradox were on the BSFA shortlists for Best Novel in 1999 and 2001 respectively.

Stephen Baxter has referred to To Hold Infinityas "post-cyberpunk", and while John's books certainly feature lots of "cool" technology, they are in fact a blend of science fiction, fantasy, philosophy and good old-fashioned storytelling, taking in ideas as disparate as chaos theory and martial arts. The Times called him "The first important new SF writer of the 21st Century."

Paradox is the first novel in the Nulapeiron Sequence, which continues in Context. The third book, Resolution, will be published later this year by Transworld/Bantam.

John lives in Kent with his wife Yvonne, who makes the most amazingly brilliant waistcoats, and will hopefully have some for sale at Mecon! They have an 18-year-old cat, Pip.

MeCon is a registered member of Electrical Eggs.