MeCon 7's designated Electrical Eggs Representative is Al Darragh - please contact us for more information.

'Electrical Eggs' is a fan-run, fan-funded charity helping conventions be safer and more accessible for people with medical conditions or disabilities. Launched at Intersection, the 1995 Scots Worldcon, its aim is to allow more fans to enjoy the convention going way of life.

This is done by two approaches; the first is help for con-runners in service provision to help people with mobility, hearing or visual difficulties get the most from your event; and secondly provision of a medical alert record system in case of need.

The first approach is achieved by advice on access, such as wheelchair parking bays at items, allowing turning spaces for same; priority seating for lip-reading or partially sighted members; pet care for care animals, etc.

The second approach is resolved by a confidential file of medical details for each 'Electrical Eggs' member being available to trained medical personnel if called to attend said member. These details are provided by the Egg Head (see address below) to the convention Eggs Rep (before it starts) once it is known you will be attending. At the end of the convention the record is returned / destroyed as the original information is stored on a secure database.

Membership is free and each member receives free copies of 'The Hatchery' a free newsletter which includes a listing of up and coming conventions using the service; striking badges are used to highlight Eggs membership which you wear at all conventions rather than a fresh one being issued each time.

I would heartily urge all fans regardless of circumstances to join us, especially the alert system as a safety feature if you have allergies, etc., but also to volunteer at conventions to help man our desk, assist people in need, etc. Everyone can help to some degree.

CONTACT: The Head of Electrical Eggs UK is Mrs Michelle Drayton-Harald, otherwise known to fandom as Cuddles and the address is...
Electrical Eggs UK
Flat ½, 10 Atlas Road
G21 4TE
or email:
or visit: