Fund-Raising Events:
The convention will be running a number of events in order to raise money for the Ulster Cancer Foundation. These will include an auction of signed books, a prize raffle and quizzes.

Ulster Cancer Foundation:
The official charity of MeCon 7 is The Ulster Cancer Foundation, which provides the majority of funding for cancer research in Northern Ireland. This includes funding for research projects, clinical and scientific fellowships and equipment. The Foundation has developed public cancer information and prevention programmes which are now models for action throughout Europe.

If you wish to find out more about the work of the Ulster Cancer Foundation or make a donation you can visit their website at

How can your computer help?
Oxford University is undertaking research into a cure for cancer and in order to get reduce the computing time required they are looking for people to voluteer their unused computing power on their home computers.

A piece of software has been created that, once installed on your computer can receive information about a part of the research, run the program on that information and return the results next time you are online. The software can be downloaded for free from

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