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Want to attend MeCon 6 in March 2003?
Just fill in the Registration FormREGiSTRATiON FORM , and send it to:
MeCon 6 Registration
12 Hopefield Ave, Belfast BT15 5AP

Current Attendees to MeCon 6 include:
C001 Larkin, Sinead
C002 Lamki, Mark
C003 Kerlin, Shane
C004 Clarke, Mary
C005 Nicholson, Laurence
C006 Nichols, Emma
C007 Hughes, Richard
S008 McCarthy, JD
S009 Stewart, David
A010 Reid, William
A011 Carrillo, Ester
A012 Lally, Dave
A013 Lennon, Rory
A014 Craig, Helen
A015 Doherty, Eugene
A016 Winton, Gareth
M017 Jello
A018 Phillips, Richard
A019 Davidson, Glenn
A020 Ferguson, Tommy
A021 Crawford, Alan
A022 Logan, Bruce
A023 Ritchie, Julia
A024 Krawecke, Linda
A025 SilverOak
A026 Darragh, Al
A027 MacNaughton, Karl
A028 Holmes, J Andrew
M029 Bagpuss
A030 McIlwee, Roisin
A031 Perkins, Michael
A032 Freebairn, Alison
M033 Beeblebear, Chostar
M034 Martian, Marvin the
M035 Bloo, Cthulhu the
A036 Regan, David
M037 Penguin, Pokey the
A038 Martin, Michael Lee
G039 Hamilton, Peter F
G040 Holden, Paul J
G041 McDonald, Ian
M042 Stitch
M043 Wolfthing
M044 (the True), Cthulhu
A045 McLarnon, Helen
M046 Flasher
A047 Watters, Eamon
A048 Strachan, June
A049 Hinds, Kevin
A050 McWatters, Chris
A051 Max
A052 Lennox, Dawn
A053 Whaley, Stephen
A054 McKeown, Angie
A055 Brush, Michael



MeCon - A Registered member of Electrical Eggs
7-9 March 2003





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