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Welcome to the web-site for Northern Ireland's Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy convention (and everything in between). It is run by QUB Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and we are happy to provide you with information on anything that takes your interest - or if you would like to make a suggestion, please contact us. Suggestions used will be credited.

Via E-mail:
Any member of the committee can be contacted via mecon@qubscifi.org.uk, if you know who you are directing it to please put the person's name in the Subject line.

Via Snail Mail:
     MeCon 6
     12 Hopefield Avenue
     BT15 5AP
     Northern Ireland

The Committee:
This year's ensemble cast includes...

Convention Director
Sinead "Sin" Larkin
A family lineage of fandom, with a killer "Kung-Fu Grip"(tm).
Programming Ops
Mark Lamki
A man best experienced in a loud room with plenty of alcohol (and plenty of ventilation). Comes complete with Sub-Committee O' Doom and posable arms.

Lawrence Nicholson
Mary Clarke
Emma Nichols

Lawrence of Derryvolgie and his female minions (it's like having a 3-headed hydra on the committee... cut one down, and another appears in their place...)
Shane "Pookie" Kerlin
Looks nothing like a teddy bear (except in certain lights) - however, he *is* a walking bundle of enthusiasm.
Richard "Insert Sick Anecdote" Hughes
Cuddly, cute, but hard as nails - like Paddington Bear with a Katana...

Pictures Soon

MeCon - A Registered member of Electrical Eggs
7-9 March 2003





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