Unicon 22
MeCon 11
Queen's Student Union, Belfast
29th-31st August 2008


Friday Evening

Opening ceremony and quiz.


Time Panel Room 1 Panel Room 2
10.00am The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – new genre TV Children's literature
11.00am Hard SF is for boys, Fantasy is for girls – Discuss Revisiting kids TV as adults
12 noon Flash Fiction Why haven't they made ( insert book) into a film/tv series?
1.00pm From comic to screen – the success or otherwise of screen adaptations The state of British science fiction
2.00pm Dr Who season 4 overview Anime for Beginners
3.00pm Guest of Honour hour – Charlie Stross Closed
4.00pm Comics Workshop Music in Science Fiction shows
5.00pm Dalek racing
6.00pm Book launch – 'The Inferior' by Peadar O'Guilin Closed

Saturday night will feature a charity casino night in the bar (provisional).


Time Panel Room 1 Panel Room 2
10.00am Charity coffee morning and chocolate panel Closed
11.00am Charity coffee morning incorporating the Mecon bookclub
12 noon Charlie Stross reading – Saturn's Children
1.00pm Room 101 Fan fiction – a breeding ground for new talent?
2.00pm Effects of the American Writers strike Technology we would like to see and unexpected uses thereof
3.00pm Writing for tv/film/books The worlds of HP Lovecraft
4.00pm Superheroes are for children – Discuss The stochastic panel
5.00pm Dr Who companions What is Science Fiction?
6.00pm Closing ceremony Closed

And fo course there will be the usual drinking, chatting, getting things signed etc that you would expect at a science-fiction (and fantasy and other releated genres) convention.