Unicon 22
MeCon 11
Queen's Student Union, Belfast
29th-31st August 2008


(All guests appear subject to work commitments)

Charles Stross

Charles Stross has been writing since the 1980s when he was first published in Interzone with the short story "The Boys". He writes in range of "genres": hard science-fiction, fantasy, crime, space opera and Lovecraftian horror. His first novel "Singularity Sky" was published in 2003 and was nominated for the Hugo award. His shorter fiction has also been nominated for Hugo and Nebula awards with the story "The Concrete Jungle" winning the 2005 Hugo for Best Novella.

Here are some of his published novels:

Before becoming a full-time writer Charles Stross trained as a Pharmacist and changed to IT after doing a post-graduate degree at Bradford University.

More information can be found on his web-site www.antipope.org.

Singularity Sky Iron Sunrise Saturn's Children (hardback)) Halting State (trade paperback) The Family Trade The Jennifer Morgue The Atrocity Archives Glasshouse Accelerando Toast

Michael Carroll

Paul J Holden

Paul J. Holden is a Belfast based professional comics artists. He has drawn for 2000AD (Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, the 86ers) and Warhammer amongst others.

John McCrea

John McCrea is a comics artist who has drawn for 2000AD, Crisis, Marvel (Spiderman, Hulk), DC (Hitman, The Demon, Wonder Woman, Superman) Vertigo (Preacher: Tall In The Saddle), and Dark Horse Comics (Star Wars).

More information can be found on his web-site John McCrea.Com

Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald is an award winning (Arthur C. Clarke Award, Philip K. Dick Award, Hugo, BSFA) science fiction author and is also Honoury President of QUB Science Fiction and Fantasy Society.

Find out more about him in Wikipedia: Ian McDonald


Catie Murphy is an Alaskan born writer of fantasy novels. She has had 6 books published so far:

Her next novel Hands of Flame (the third book of The Negotiator trilogy) is due out in September.

John Vaughan

A John Vaughan is a Dublin based film-maker. Recent works inlcude the horror film "My Dad" (shown on RTE last year) and the World War 1 drama "Valour".