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Produced by Belfast Association of University Teachers Issue No 5 May 1998

107 Academics Targeted

Belfast AUT has been briefed on the proposals that will be put before Academic Council and Senate in the next two weeks. The 40 page document is being sent to members of those bodies now and you should ask to see a copy.

The essence is that 107 targeted academics are to be asked to leave by September 1999, and that 110 new appointments will be made. This is depicted as a 25 M investment in Queen’s. These represent the costs over the next four years — 13 M is what would have been paid in salaries anyway. 3.5 M is to come from using all the discretionary money that has been paid to academic and related staff. The remaining 8.5 M is to come from QUB’s general reserves (and 3.6 M of this has been set aside already).

The major criterion for targeting is whether the individual is expected to contribute to a Grade 4 or better in the next Research Assessment Exercise. In addition it is proposed to discontinue the following subjects: Italian, Semitic Studies, Geology and Statistics & Operational Research. In addition, Applied Mathematics will not be submitted to the RAE and Podiatry may be transferred to UU. These subjects were picked on the basis of expected RAE ratings and little account appears to have been taken of the impact on students and the community. There will be further restructuring (to be determined later) in the areas of Management/Economics and in Clinical Medicine.

The breakdown of the targeted job losses is Engineering, 10; Science, 53; Humanities, 19; and Legal, Social & Education, 14. Medicine is initially targeted to lose 11, but there will be further restructuring in consultation with the DHSS and Trusts.

Although the appointment of new staff is to be welcomed, those targeted to leave have in general carried above average teaching and administrative loads. Thus the workload on those who remain will increase. When we have the figures we will examine the equal opportunity implications.

Come to hear more and to express your views to:

AUT General Meeting

New Physics Lecture Theatre,

Wednesday 20 May, 1.00 pm

We will give advice and assistance to any individual member and to any subject group.