Welcome to the news section of the site, where we'll endeavor to keep you updated on the recent happenings of the society, and archaeology in general. Obviously we have the new site up and running, somewhat. Content may be a touch sparse right now, but rest assured that it will fill up soon.

QUB Archaeology & Palaeoecology Formal

We have now booked two function rooms at Belfast Castle (the Donegal and Chichester rooms for Thursday the 11th of May from 7:00pm to 1:00am. We will be hiring a coach (or two if needs be) to take us from Elmwood Avenue to Belfast Castle and back again at the end of the night. This coach will be leaving Elmwood Avenue at 6:00pm sharp and unfortunately anyone who isn't there on time will have to make their own way to the castle, sorry. The formal will cost 25 (as noted above) and that price includes the coach, the room hire, the meal and the after dinner entertainment at Belfast Castle. Anyone who who wishes to bring a partner from outside of the university is free to do so, they'll just have to buy them a ticket.
For more details on the formal, see the events page.
Limited tickets still available with coach transport included, no-transport tickets still available. Email or ask on forum for details.

Staff/Student Pub Quiz
Thanks to all who came along to take part, particularly to Thom Kerr for playing quizmaster, and we hope it didn't tax anyone's brains too greatly. It was great to see a range of levels there and given the good response, we'll see about getting another one organised for sometime on the other side of Easter. So, without further ado, the results -
     1st Place - The Winos - 53pts
     2nd Place - Scrubity Barrows - 50 1/2pts
     3rd Place - Phenomenonenonenonenonenon... 45pts