Here you'll find links to other Archaeology Departments, Firms, Publications and other assorted Resources.

University Links
Queen’s University Belfast
National University of Ireland Galway
Trinity College Dublin
University College Cork
University College Dublin

Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork
Archaeological Development Services Ltd.
Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd.
Gahan & Long Ltd.

Other bodies
Ulster Archaeological Society
Archaeology Data Service
Environment and Heritage Service - Built Heritage
Ulster Museum/MAGNI

In the interests of brevity (and to save a lot of tedious retyping), the following two links give a fairly complete listing of archaeological and historical publications, including the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Irish Archaeology, British Archaeology amongst others.
CBA guide to UK archaeology online
The main Irish Archaeological and Historical Journals

Other Resources
SurGe - Possibly of use and interest to those doing Sites, and maybe moreso to those doing the Advanced Surveying module. SurGe is a shareware gridding and mapping terrain modeller, the poor mans version of the Surfer application that is installed in the archaeology department. As shareware it's limited to only two terrain datasets at any one time, but other than that, and having graphical shading a little worse than Surfer, it still works nicely for producing contour plans, 3d relief models, wireframes and the like.

Snuffler - Of rather less direct use, Snuffler is a nice piece of freeware geophys software (check the Killyglen DSR on the CAF homepage for some resistivity plans created using Snuffler). It's an interesting application to play around with the test data for though.

Last but by no means least - British Archaeological Jobs Resource - Aside from the self explanatory title of the site, it also maintains an extensive list of useful online resources and software applications.